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  Taller/Workshop CV Horst Hoheisel selected projects of Horst Hoheisel

Horst Hoheisel

He realized some international known memorials about the Holocaust in Germany .

Horst Hoheisel was born 1944 as a child of Baltic-German parents in Poznan, Poland. He studied first forestry science in Munich and Freiburg. At the same time he was a guest student of the academy of arts in Munich.
As an Assistant professor of forestry science of the university of Göttingen he worked on an ecological system analysis of a tropical rainforest in Venezuela, the subject of his Dr. thesis. During his last years as forestry scientist he studied sculpture at the academy of arts in Kassel, Germany. He lived also some month with the Yanomami tribe in the Amazonian rain forest and travelled several times through the Sahara.

For the last 20 years Horst Hoheisel's work has concerned the comemmoration of victims of the German National Socialist Movement. Jointly with Andreas Knitz, he elaborated and produced new shapes of monuments, which became internationally known as ‘negative-monuments’ or ‘counter-monuments’.

He participated in exhibitions of the MoMA and Jewish Museum, NY, Buenos Aires, Santiago de Chile, Caracas, Sao Paulo, Jerusalem, Berlin, San Francisco, Miniapolis, Vilnius , ect. His work is part of international collections as the MoMA, Jewish Museum , NY, Jewisch Museum Berlin, Yad Vashem, Jerusalem, national hisotrical Museum, Berlin and many other collections.
The last project was about the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia, 2008.

Horst Hoheisel worked as a Guest Professor at the art academy in Düsseldorf and at the Bauhaus University Weimar
Lives and works in Kassel, Germany
Selection of Projects and Exhibitions

*Negative Memorial Aschrottbrunnen (Kassel 1986/87);
*The Artist as Katalysator of Memory Thought-Stones-Collection,(Kassel, Berlin, Munich 1986-1990);
*Holocaust-Memorial Brandenburger Tor Gate - The Memorial as a blank void (Berlin 1994/95);
*The Gateways of the Germans (Memorial for one night): Slide-Projection of the Auschwitz-Gate on the Brandenburger Tor (Berlin 27. Januar 1997)

Projects of Horst Hoheisel and Andreas Knitz:

*A memorial to a memorial (Buchenwald 1995)
*Crushed History - Zermahlene Geschichte (Weimar 1997 - 2002)
*GERMAN GROUND - German grounds (Frankfurt/Berlin 1998)
*1752 x 12 kg produkt linz (Linz 2000)
*Arte da Memória (Sao Paulo 2001)
*MariAntonia / memoriAntonia (Sao Paulo 2002 und 2003)
*Pássaro Livre - Vogel Frei (Sao Paulo 2003)

Exhibitions of Horst Hoheisel (Single-Exhibitions and Participations)

*1978 München, Lenbachhaus, Kunstforum; 1983 Berlin, Pankehallen
*1986 Köln, Moltkerei; 1994 Jewish Museum, New York;
*1994 Deutsches Historisches Museum, Berlin; 1995 Stadtmuseum, München
*1995 Duisburg, Innenhafen; 1998 Yad Vashem,Israel
*2000 Stiftung DKM, Lehmbruckmuseum, Jewish community, Duisburg
*2000 Museum of Modern Art, New York: Open Ends, Counter Monuments and Memory
*2003 Fluchtweg Brandenburger Tor, Haus der Commerzbank Berlin
*2003 Berlin Torlos, Jüdisches Museum Berlin
*2003 LebensZeich-n-en, Museo Lasar Segall Sao Paulo

Works in Gallerys and Museums

Lenbachhaus, München; Staatliche Museen, Kassel; Museum für Sepulkralkultur, Kassel; Deutsches Historisches Museum, Berlin; Jüdisches Museum, Berlin; Gedenkstätte Yad Vashem; Gedenkstätte Buchenwald; Haus der Geschichte, Bonn; Stadtmuseum, München; Lehmbruckmuseum, Duisburg; Jewish Museum, New York; Museum of Modern Art, New York; Thuringia Main State Archive Weimar; Botanical Garden, Linz.


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